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Get Ready for Broomball!!
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Broomball Event
(Wikipedia, 2016)

This year at STC, we're taking advantage of the Olympic ice and organizing a broomball tournament! Never played broomball? It's like hockey, but without skates. Just grab your street clothes, sneakers with good tread (tennis, cross-training), gloves (optional), a venue-provided broom and helmet, and a team of six people (three forwards, two defense, and one goalie).

Registration is required to play. Please use our Broomball Registration form to submit a registration for each player. If you have a team you'd like to play with, please ensure each person of the team registers and include the same team name. Then, on Monday, June 19 at 2:30pm, meet in the Legacy Room on the second floor of the Lake Placid Conference Center (across from the STC registration table) to be ready for a 3pm start. If you don't have a team or don't have enough players for a team, register anyway and we'll get you on one.

A $10 fee per person for use of the ice and equipment will be required. Payment and signing of a waiver will be done onsite.

Games will conclude by 5pm and medals handed out to the winning team.

More Information on Broomball

A broomball game consists of two periods. The periods consist of two 15 minute, stop time periods, with a two minute break between periods.

More specific, detailed information on the game is available at the following links: