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Get started with Teams | Join a Space to join a Session | Join a video call in a space | Teams is Highly Collaborative | Adjust your notifications | How to get help

STC 2020 goes virtual in Webex Teams

This year's Virtual STC (vSTC 2020) will be held in the Webex Teams environment. If you aren't already a Webex Teams user, you should have received an email notification inviting you to join.

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Get started with Webex Teams

New to Webex Teams?

If you are new to Webex teams you will receive an email invitation from Cisco asking you to validate your email. It will look something like this:

Click on either "Click here to reply" or the "Join vSTC now" button to activate your email address. The first time you sign in to the Webex Teams app you will receive a six-digit confirmation PIN to verify your email address. Then, you can create your password and sign in.

Already have a Webex Teams?

If you already use your campus email address for a Webex Teams account, you will simply be added to the vSTC teams (one for each day) and will see those in your feed when you login to the Teams app or web site.

You can use Webex Teams via the web at https://teams.webex.com and you also have the option to download the Teams desktop app.

Here is more information on navigating and using Teams.

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Join a Space to join a vSTC Session

Once you're in Teams you need to join a space in order to join in the video call there.

Click on the Teams icon [1] and then choose any day of vSTC [2] to see the spaces/sessions there.

Click on the title of space/session you're interested in and click the blue Join this Space button.


Once you join a space, you will see the message thread of the space. Feel free to say hello!

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Join a video call in a space

Once you've joined all the spaces you want, click the chat bubble icon [1] in the left navigation bar. This will show you all the spaces you're in and, most importantly, this is where you will join the video meeting when it's time for a session. When a meeting is started, you'll see the green join button [2] showing the elapsed time of the meeting. Click that button to join.

Goes without saying

Please mute yourself when you join any of these meetings to cut down on the audio chaos.

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Webex Teams is Highly Collaborative

Please be gentle in this very collaborative space and do not:
  • add spaces to the vSTC teams
  • change the icons
  • change the names of the spaces
  • start a video meeting in a space at an odd time
(But feel free to create your own Team and space to practice in)

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Adjust your notifications

Webex Teams sends you notifications whenever a meeting is started in a space and if someone mentions you in the chat. To adjust these notifications, click on your initials/avatar and choose Settings or Preferences. Then adjust as you like.


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How to get help

If you have trouble during the conference, we will have a Help Room Webex meeting going each day. Someone will be there to help you get connected.

vSTC 2020's Personal Room
Join by phone
+1-408-418-9388 United States Toll
Access code: 716 190 068| 716190068

If for any reason you have trouble with your .edu login address, feel free to create a Webex Teams login using a third-party address, then go to the Help Room and we will be able to add that account to the vSTC Teams site for you.

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