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STC 2017 Presentations
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AST Open SUNY Application Services: Evolving To Meet The Changing Needs of SUNY Download (PDF)
AST Open SUNY Help Desk Support Services Update Download (PPTX)
AST SICAS Update 2017 Download (PPTX)
COA Applications Officers Association - What's Up? Download (PPTX)
COA Better Together - Cisco Email Security with Office 365 Download (PPTX)
COA Developing a Data Risk Classification Program Download (PPTX)
COA Improving the Efficiency of the IT Service Desk Download (PPTX)
COA It's All About the Captioning Download (PPTX)
Download (PDF)
COA Leveraging SCCM: Brockport's Journey to Software Deployment and Image Automation Download (PPTX)
COA LGBTQ+ Data Collection & Storage Practices Download (PPTX)
COA More Than Furniture - Evaluating and Transforming Learning Spaces Download (PDF)
COA SSO Discussion & Roundtable Download (PPTX)
COA SUNYNet Technology Services Download (PPTX)
EdTOA AV On a Budget Download (PDF)
EdTOA Audiovisual Experiences Lead to Better Educational Experiences Download (PDF)
EdTOA Help. Yo. Self. Download (PDF)
EdTOA It's All About the Captioning Download (PPTX)
Download (PDF)
EdTOA The AV Technician's Guide to Networking with Networking Download (PDF)
EdTOA The Math of Digital Download (PDF)
EdTOA The Wireless AV Shootout Download (PDF)
TOA Division 27 Communications Guidelines Download (PPTX)
TOA FIT Model to Support Emerging Technologies Download (PPTX)
TOA Project Management and ServiceNow Download (PPTX)
TOA ShoreTel Connect Farmingdale's Rollout Download (PPT)
TOA Power Is Out: Keeping the Data and Now the Phone System Up Download (PPT)