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Project Playground
Project Playground - STC 2017 - Supporting the Community

STC's goal is to raise $50,000
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Over the past few years the attendees of the SUNY Technology Conference have truly shown the power of SUNY by giving back to the Lake Placid community in a few innovative ways. First there was the "Big Bike Give-Away" and then the "Family in Need" project. This year we are shooting for something even bigger and more exciting and we would like to request the support from the larger STC community.

The students themselves have requested a new playground that would allow all of the children to play and relax together with no barriers or definition of abilities. A playground installed by the community in 2010 was beautiful, but unfortunately has been deemed unsafe and not accessible. A consultant specializing in safe and accessible playgrounds has designed a replacement that promotes social and physical health and will last for many years.

Following the theme of this year's conference "Technology with a Purpose", we felt this was the perfect project for our community outreach but we need your help.

The students, parents, faculty and the entire town have been fundraising to reach the budget goal and they are a third of the way there. With help from the members of COA, EdTOA, TOA, and the STC's corporate partners we are hoping to put them over the top so they can purchase the parts and pieces needed and to help with the actual installation.

On June 22, 2017 we will be holding a special team building exercise at the school to install as much equipment as possible. We will gather at 12:30 pm and work until 6:00 pm. If you can't stay the entire time that's fine. Any time you can offer will help.

We are also asking for donations. STC has pledged to raise $50,000 to purchase the remaining equipment. A website has been set up so everyone can watch as we show the world the power of SUNY.