About SUNY Technology Conference

The On-Going Search for the Next Big Thing: the Next 25 Years of Practice

Higher education has come a long way from Burroughs main frames, Plain Old Telephone Service, and 3M transparency projectors. Students, faculty and staff use digital and wireless devices to learn, teach, and work from everywhere. Rapid technological change is the only constant.

In 1993 the members of SUNYs three technical Communities of Practice: COA, EdTOA and TOA got together for the first time to hold the SUNY Technology Conference. Each group has a unique focus and members who share interests, challenges, and objectives. By 1993 advances in technology were rapidly creating intersections and interdependencies between (and among) all three service areas. The organizers of that first STC understood that bringing their members together would help them all to see different perspectives, solve common challenges, and learn from each other to improve what they do in their own environment.

This year as we celebrate 25 years of fellowship and collaboration, we look to the future. Where is technology going? Which of our colleagues will we work with next? How do we build the best IT infrastructure and services? STC is proud to facilitate networking and collaboration among technologists across SUNY. Come to Lake Placid, help answer the question … what’s next?