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Conference Dates:
Tuesday June 21 – Thursday June 23, 2022

Registration Deadline: June 10.

The SUNY Technology Conference will be virtual once again this year. We will utilize the OnAir platform from EventsAir but most sessions will be conducted via Zoom meeting within that platform. The small $75 registration fee will cover our costs for the platform.

Did you know?

You can pay for STC registration with CPD Technical points or CPD General points. About half of SUNY campuses are CPD members and many of them don’t use up their points each year. It’s a great way for you and your colleagues to pay for the conference

What are CPD points?

Here’s all you need to do to pay with points:

  1. Find out if your campus is a member.
  2. Reach out to the campus contact to let them know you are registering and find out which points you should use (Note: This is important, if points are denied you will be responsible for payment.)
  3. Select CPD Technical or CPD General points under payment options.

STC 2022 Theme: What is the New Normal?

In this year's episode of STC ... we explore the new normal. SUNY is back on campus, but staff and students continue to work, teach, and learn from home. We’ve been busy with everything from re-engineering spaces to accommodate hybrid connections, implementing new security policies, assisting faculty with online course design, and even setting up outdoor Wi-Fi access points.

These arrangements pose challenges for every aspect of technology on campus. Many of us are doing more than one job, or just more. How do you deal with the stress of that workload? Is this sustainable? What will endure past the present moment? We salute all the campus technologists who played such a major role enabling and managing all this change. Join us at STC 2022 to discuss how the world around us has made our jobs more complicated and the new normal.