About SUNY Technology Conference

Transitions and Transformations In Leadership and Technology

Leadership is the key to creating proactive, successful, and customer-oriented Information Technology organizations. Making transitions and transformations in higher education effective and efficient requires more than technical skill and a big budget, it takes leadership.

With SUNY campuses dealing with the retirements of longtime leaders with deep institutional knowledge and broad contacts on and off campus, new leaders need to take the helm. Prepare yourself and your colleagues to be the next generation of leaders in a complex and constantly changing technical and higher education landscape.

The theme of this year's SUNY Technology Conference is Transitions and Transformations in Leadership and Technology. Whether you lead projects, teams, helpdesks, services, have just started to manage people, or are a CIO, leadership and technology is at the core of what we do. You cannot change the laws of physics, but you can become a better leader.