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Climbing the High Peaks of Technology

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Day-to-day operations are the well-worn trails we hike each day, but projects are the mountains we climb. Some are long and challenging, surrounding you with colleagues from RFP to implementation; some are quick easy wins; some are steep and involved; but they all come with a certain level of risk.

Learn how to be prepared, even over prepared for your next project. Find out how your colleagues around SUNY track the work that needs to be done, keep the team on task, and communicate with stakeholders. The weather can change during the climb, and you will most definitely have to fight against scope creep and shifting deadlines. And when you've reached the peak, how do you evaluate success and celebrate the accomplishment?

There are more projects on a SUNY campus than high peaks in the Adirondacks. Before one is finished the next one has already begun. At STC you can gaze at the mountains and learn about project management from the best trail guides around, technology professionals from SUNY who have seen it all.

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