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Schedule: 2019

STC 2019 Schedule and Presentations

Download the full STC 2019 schedule (pdf)

Available Presentations

Sponsor Session Presentation
CCIO Accessibility Officers Panel (Sean Moriarty, Amy Berg, Mark Greenfield) Download (PPTX)
CCIO Succession Planning (Mary Hand, Evan Kobolakis, Holly Heller-Ross, John Reina) Download (PPTX)
CCIO Leadership in the Core mission (Bob Cushman, Evan Kobolakis, Sue Chichester, Steve Maniscalco) Download (PPTX)
COA Deciding, Designing, Building, and Updating: Changing Models of Website Management at The College at Brockport (Gian Carlo Cervone) Download (KEY)
COA Multi-factor Authentication Roll-out – Lessons Learned (Paul Chauvet) Download (PPTX)
COA “So, which learners are you willing to exclude?” Fostering Engagement on Accessibility Initiatives through an Emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion (Kathryn Bohan) Download (PPTX)
COA Achieving your career goals by developing your leadership path (Michael Allington, Stephen Cook, Timothy Cortesi, Laurie Fox) Download (PPTX)
COA No money? Not enough staff? Still need to upgrade Windows 7 machines? How to do it and keep customers happy. (Jagan Drowlette, Michael Lumb) Download (PDF)
COA Sassafras K2 and Labstats: Using data to understand how computer labs are used across campus (Melaine Kenyon, Christopher Palian, Roland Rachinger) Download (PPTX)
COA The Evolution of a Service Desk (Ryan Swan) Download (PPTX)
EdTOA Bringing the World to our Students: Developing Virtual Reality Field Trips (Dr. Keith Landa) Download (PDF)
EdTOA Balancing Audio Systems on Campus (Brett Southard) Download (PDF)
EdTOA Turning a classroom into a cyber laboratory: How SUNY Delhi transformed cyber learning from lecture to hands-on. (Mathew Heath Van Horn) Download (PDF)
EdTOA Drones for Teaching: Taking Fieldwork to a (Literally) Higher Level (Dr. Keith Landa) Download (PDF)
EdTOA Cool Builds (Bill Meyers, Kelly Larrivey, Fermin Romero, Andrew Tucci, Mark English) Download (PDF)
EdTOA Lighting Essentials for AV Professionals (Michael Broughton) Download (PDF)
EdTOA Can you teach Customer Service Skills? (Laurie Fox) Download (PDF)
EdTOA FLCC’s Telepresence Classroom Project: From Presidential Mandate to Installed, Functioning, Synchronous Distance Learning in 7 Months (Cheryl Ten Eyck, Robin Campo, Rob Finger) Download (PDF)
TOA Building for the Future: Net-Zero and Design-Build Construction at SUNY Oneonta (Lesley Bidwell, Curt Underwood) Download (PPTX)
TOA 802.11ax – WiFi 6: What it is and what it means for your campus? (Brett Southard, Dan Maffei) Download (PPT)
TOA Leadership Lessons from a Path Less Traveled (Kathleen Murphy) Download (PPTX)